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The 10 questions you need answered before you buy online

So many Customers make the wrong decision when buying mobility and healthcare equipment. If you have purchased anything in this market before you will know it’s a minefield. Who are the best and most reliable Manufacturers? There seems to be a lot of choice, which product is best for me? Prices vary significantly, is the most expensive the best or am I just being ripped off. What happens if the product breaks down who can offer me the best aftercare? Can I claim VAT exemption? What is the best way to get my new product delivered?

Here is a list of top 10 reasons why not to buy on-line without speaking to an Advisor!

1. There is huge concern amongst industry professionals that Customers are buying products untrained, uninsured, unsafe and unprotected.

2. You are not properly assessed for a product. It is essential your personal circumstances and needs are taken into consideration when choosing the right product for you.

4. If you have purchased something that is not suitable for you there is a high risk that you could cause damage to the product, yourself or someone or something else.

5. If you purchase a product which needs assembling, there is a risk you could invalidate the Manufacturer’s warranty. Products should be installed and demonstrated by qualified Technicians.

6. Competition on the internet is mainly about price. This sounds like good news for the Customer but paying too little for a product means you will lose out somewhere else. Its common sense. We all know it. Normally it’s the quality of aftercare and/or the quality of the product. Paying a fair price for a good product is the best deal in the long run.

7. If a product is very cheap then it is for a reason. The product will be a cheap import from unknown Manufacturers who operate with cheap labour, poor conditions and no health and safety. These products have very little, if any, UK technical support or spare parts availability. These products do not last as long as similar products made in the UK.

8. What happens if your product breaks down? Many internet suppliers ask you to send the product back to them for repair at your cost.

9. False promises such as Free Delivery or Free 12 Month Warranty. Most things that are free are already included in the price or they are part of your statutory rights.

10. Price competition drives down the quality of the products which are sold. It is highly likely cheap products will have a high failure rate.