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Selfsure is committed to selling high-quality products. However for one reason or another there may be a time you need to exchange or repair a product. Please make sure you check all items carefully on receipt and follow the manufacturer guidelines. It is recommended you keep a receipt or order number to ensure any warranty claim is handled efficiently.


1. Product Warranty

1.1 Products sold by Selfsure (the “Company”) are warranted against faulty materials or workmanship under normal use. The Warranty is usually for one year unless otherwise stated.

1.2 For details of the warranty offered for your Product please call 0800 328 2788 and ask for customer services.

2. Conditions of Warranty

2.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company the Warranty applies to the original registered purchaser of the Product (the “Customer” “you” or “your”) and this Warranty only covers defects that occur to the Product during the Warranty Period.

2.2 Defects that occur to the Product during normal usage will, at the sole discretion of the Company, be replaced or repaired free of charge during the Warranty Period [or have parts replaced free of charge], including parts and labour. For the Warranty to be valid the Customer must ensure that:

2.2.1 the Customer notifies the Company within the Warranty Period of any defect and provides evidence of the date of purchase of the Product, your customer number and the Product Number;

2.2.2 unless otherwise agreed the Customer permits the Company onto the Customer’s premises to carry out any necessary inspection of the Product(s) and/or repairs;

2.2.3 all inspections and/or repairs are carried out by the Company or the Company’s authorised agent;

2.2.4 the Product has been used for its intended purpose;

2.2.5 repairs to the Product have not been carried out or attempted by the Customer;

2.2.6 the Product has not been damaged by change, modification or use of the Product, which in the sole judgement of the Company affects the performance, stability or purpose for which it was manufactured.

2.3 The following are excluded from the Warranty:

2.3.1 repairs due to breakdown caused by use other than domestic by you or your family, or by deliberate damage or neglect of the Products and (where provided) failure to follow the Product care instructions as provided by the Manufacturer or detailed on the Selfsure website.

2.3.2 cosmetic damage and/or non-functional parts which do not affect the normal use of the Products including but not limited to scratches and rust;

2.3.3 damage caused by fair wear and tear;

2.3.4 work which relates to a manufacturer’s recall of the Products;

2.3.5 any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the Product, or any loss other than the repair or the replacement cost of the Product.

2.4 Before agreeing to replace or repair your Product under this Warranty the Company reserves the right to require that it is returned to the Company.

2.5 The Company regrets that when repairing or replacing your Product under this Warranty the Company must reserve the right to use alternative specifications or materials, which may not match other items in a set.

2.6 The Company reserves the right to charge for the expense of visiting you when no fault has been found with the Product after the Company has inspected it.

3. How to make a claim

3.1 If you wish to make a claim under the Product Warranty please contact the Company on 0800 328 2788; e-mail us at: customerservices@self-sure.co.uk or contact us by post at Selfsure. Customer Services Department, Unit 3 The Gallery, Concept Court, Manvers, Wath upon Dearne, S63 5BD, giving full details of the defect, your name, address and the date you purchased the Product. You are required to provide proof of the date you purchased the Product.

3.2 The Company will discuss with you whether a repair or replacement will be offered. The option of a repair or replacement is at the Company’s sole discretion.

3.3 Where a repair to the Product is agreed the Company will decide at their sole discretion whether the required repair work will be carried out at your premises or at the Company’s premises.

3.4 Where the Product is to be repaired at the Company’s premises provided you live within mainland United Kingdom, the Company will collect your Product from you and return it to you once it is repaired free of charge.

3.5 Where your Product is to be replaced, provided you live within mainland United Kingdom, the Company will deliver a new Product to you free of charge.

3.6 If you live outside mainland United Kingdom, you will be required to pay a delivery charge for the collection, and/or delivery of your Product.

4. General Provisions

4.1 This Warranty applies to the original registered purchaser of the Product only and may not be transferred.

4.2 This Warranty will be governed by English Law.

Make a claim:

Please call us on 0800 328 2788, e-mail customerservices@self-sure.co.uk or write to:

Customer Services
Unit 2 & 3 The Gallery
Concept Court
Wath upon Dearne
S63 5BD