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Free Personal Assessments

There are so many questions you need the answer to before making the right decision. Making the wrong decision will cost you money but more importantly may cause you further health problems. A good example of this is my Mum, Brenda, was loaned a walking stick after a bad fall. This walking stick was too short which meant my Mum’s posture was incorrect and she was slightly leaning over to one side. Instead of helping her recover the original muscular tear did not heal and it caused a hip and knee problem. As soon as I saw her I gave her the correct height walking stick and within 2 weeks she was as good as new. The difference in the heights of both walking sticks was approx. 1.5”.

It will only take a few minutes to talk through your requirements with our Personal Advisors. It makes sense to speak to someone with knowledge to help you make the right decision for you.

Speak to one of our Personal Advisors who will discuss your needs taking into account:

1. Any aliments or health conditions you may have
2. Your home situation
3. Your current and future requirements which you may not have thought about
4. Your support network
5. Your safety
6. Your previous experience

Speak to a Personal Advisor (real people based in the UK) on 0800 328 2788 or e-mail stating the product you are interested in. By return we will send you an assessment form to complete and return.