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    As an approved installer under HMRC schemes, we can help you recover the VAT on a bathroom, step in bath or shower fitted to help you with mobility issues.

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    Making Bathing Easier...

    Installing a modern walk in shower or wet room is a great way to add appeal to your home, as well as creating a safe, easy way to help you keep clean and healthy now and in the future.

    Our plumbing teams are employed by SelfSure and have many years’ experience fitting specialist bathrooms, therefore I am confident you will be highly delighted with the finished product. The quality is in the detail and our plumbing teams always work to a very high standard.

    We like to keep things simple, uncomplicated and transparent, supported by outstanding Customer Service, a dedicated Personal Advisor and a quality, after care service.

    The majority of our Customers say, “I wish I’d have done this years ago!” Let me encourage you to take action, so you too can benefit from our bathrooms in the very near future.

    SelfSure is a member of the BHTA and subscribe to the only industry recognised code of conduct. What this means is you will always receive a warm welcome, a professional service and reassurance that you are dealing with a well-established, ethical company which always puts the Customer first.


    A wet room is super-stylish and perfect for creating a contemporary look. Great for small bathrooms - removing the bath creates much more space

    Easy Access Showers

    Easy access with either a full level access, surface mounted (step up) or step in showering solutions. A low access shower is stylish and perfect for creating a contemporary look

    Walk-in Baths

    Long term bathing solution. Safe and easy to get in and out of the bath. Wide range of designs to choose from.

    How we work with you...

    How long does it take?

    It depends on the job. If you see an advertisement stating that it can be done in one day they are referring to a ready-made bathroom pod which is not required by 99% of our Customers. We put 2 men full time on your job. They will not be called away to do other work. A complete new bathroom or wet room normally takes 4 to 5 days. If we are just replacing a bath with a low access shower will take approximately 2 to 3 days.

    How much space do I need for a wet room/ walk in shower?

    Our design team can plan a wet room/shower room to fit into the smallest of spaces.

    Can a wet room be installed on concrete floors?

    Yes. Furthermore there are two alternative approaches. If it is not possible to chisel out enough of the concrete to accommodate the full depth of the drain - 75/80 mm - a base can be constructed from timber and plywood to provide a solid platform for the wet base. After that the build process is exactly the same as it is for wooden floors.

    Can a wet room/walk in shower be safely installed on upper floors?

    Yes. The key is attention to detail at each stage of the process and the right kind of waterproofing. We recommend you employ a specialist plumber, like ourselves, to do this work.

    Will it be strong enough to take the weight of a wheelchair?

    We use AKW Tuff Form trays which are made to withstand such pressure and can be tiled or covered with non-slip flooring.

    Can underfloor heating be installed safely in a wet room?


    How do I stop water flowing into the rest of the room?

    A shower screen or heavy duty curtain fitted along the long side of the base resting on the tiles will prevent water from splashing or running into the rest of the room. They can be bought in a variety of sizes and designs from very simple clear glass screens to hinged versions, wall fixed or freestanding, etc

    Do I need to waterproof outside the shower area?

    No. Providing a shower screen is fitted to prevent the escape of water into the rest of the room, there is no need to waterproof outside the shower area. Waterproofing is needed on the shower walls (not all companies do this) and it is usual to extend waterproofing onto the floor immediately outside the entrance to the shower area (known as the drying area).

    Can I spread the cost of my new bathroom?

    Yes, we offer a number of low rate finance packages with various deposit options. There is no age cap and people who are retired or disabled can be approved.

    How soon after I accept the quote will my new Bathroom be installed?

    Once you have accepted the quote we will give you a week commencing date. Our Plumbers will arrive at a time agreed with you.