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Frequently Asked Questions

Riser recliner chairs are designed and built for people who may find difficulty standing up or sitting down on a settee or on an armchair. They are designed to keep the person using the riser recliner chair as comfortable as possible, especially if they will be seated for a prolonged period of time. For individuals who may suffer from arthritis or poor circulation, a riser recliner chair is a life-changing piece of furniture.

Yes, a riser recliner chair offers many benefits that help people who may have a disability or mobility issues. One of these benefits is improved circulation. People who may suffer from mobility issues can find it difficult to move their body for a prolonged period of time, resulting in a higher chance of developing several health problems, one of these being poor circulation in an individual’s limbs. A riser recliner chair offers people the ability to move positions by just the push of a button; allowing you to adjust the position of your body to a more comfortable position, leading to the overall improvement of the circulation in your body

Single Motor Chairs – This is where only one motor controls all of the electric functions on a chair. These functions are the backrest, footrest and riser; these functions can all be operated from a single set of buttons but will have limited flexibility on positions.

Dual motor chairs – This is where there are two separate motors in the riser recliner chair. With the dual motor chairs, one motor controls the backrest while the other motor controls the footrest and rise function. This allows you to have complete flexibility on where you want the footrest and backrest to be positioned.

Yes, the width and height of a riser recliner is measured to fit the individual that will be using the chair. The chair will be specifically made to fit.

Riser Recliner Chairs have a built-in motor that allows for the gentle and safe adjustment of the chair to either a rise or recline position. The user can operate the chair with a hand held device. The chair can adjust to two different positions, rise which lifts the chair to a position that allows the user to get up safely without too much pressure on weak joints and recline which allows the user

Using an incorrectly sized chair will undo all the potential benefits and in many cases cause you more harm than good. Stiffness, numbness, aches and pains can all be attributed to the wrong sized product.

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About SelfSure

Hi, Paul here, Managing Director of Self Sure.

We’re here to help you find the perfect chair, made-to-measure and built to relieve any aches, pains or troubles you might be experiencing due to an unsupportive, poor quality chair.

Our focus is to help you buy the right product first time to ensure it is right for you now and in the years to come. We do this by offering an assessment service, which simply put, is a small number of relevant questions that will help guide you in deciding what product to choose.
Buying the wrong product may cost you in terms of money and health.

We have invested in a 4000 sqft Assessment Centre so that our staff can be trained on the products they advise on plus have the added benefit of being able to try out the products. Self Sure offers its staff an in-house education program where they can progress through the company by acquiring and implementing additional expertise in their chosen field.

You will be assigned a Personal Advisor who will look after you every step of the way. We look to build long term relationships with our Customers and your Personal Advisor will stay with you as long as you are a Customer of Self Sure. This way we get to know you well and can serve your interests in the best possible way.

Self Sure has long term trading relationships with its partners and suppliers which help us offer quality, value for money products and a first class delivery and installation, maintenance and repair service on a nationwide basis. So you know you’re in safe, reliable, hands with Self Sure.

My expert team and I look forward to helping you find the perfect chair.

Paul Johnson

SelfSure Managing Director

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The risk of just buying online without advice is choosing an unsuitable product which will undo all the potential benefits. You want to make sure it is fit for purpose, suitable for use in your area and safe for you and those around you.

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Please don’t attempt to choose alone!

Please don’t attempt to choose alone!

The risk of just buying online without advice is choosing a wrong sized chair.
Using an incorrectly sized chair will undo all the potential benefits and in many cases cause you more harm than good.
Stiffness, numbness, aches and pains can all be attributed to the wrong sized product.

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Outstanding service from start to finish. They have sorted my nan out with a chair, stairlift, an adjustable bed and even a new bathroom, all of which has massively improved her day to day life. Friendly and professional throughout and my nan is thrilled with everything she has. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Joe Guz

Great customer service from all the staff, professional and assertive from start to finish. couldn’t recommend this company more.

Kimberley Spooner

Excellent service and a great range of products. Couldn’t recommend them
highly enough

Stephen Bower

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