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Mattresses – Celliant®

The world’s first responsive textile

with clinically proven benefits to the human body.

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Celliant® has been proven in clinical tests to reduce pain, increase oxygen levels, and help balance body temperature.

Each of these results can have added benefits including faster healing, increased performance, better-quality sleep, and improved overall wellness, all of which can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and peripheral vascular disease often associated with diabetes.

The key to Celliant® lies in its ability to absorb and store the electromagnetic (energy) emissions from the human body and release them where they are reabsorbed into the skin and deep muscle tissue. In the deep muscle

tissue, they act as catalysts for natural, biological processes resulting in enhanced oxygen levels and more balanced body temperature during sleep, rest or physical activity.

A combination of specially formulated proprietary ingredients and minerals blended with polyester fiber, Celliant® can be woven or knit into almost any materials including wools, cottons and other polyesters.

Our bodies are constantly giving off electromagnetic energy. The minerals in Celliant® were specifically chosen because of their natural ability to absorb and reflect this energy back to the consumer.

How Celliant Works

“As an athlete, you are always trying to find that extra edge to improve your performance. For me, Celliant is that edge. Since finding Celliant, I’ve been able to work harder with less pain and quicker recovery than ever before. I love this stuff!”

Michellie Jones 2006 Ironman World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist

Mattresses – Mammoth

The Science of Comfort™

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Comfort enables better sleep. To be truly comfortable, the body and mind must be completely at ease; free from pain or constraint. A more comfortable body is a healthier body.

True comfort requires the perfect blend of pressure relief, support and temperature. For that reason, we have gone further than any other brand in developing cutting edge technologies and materials in the pursuit of comfort and sleep quality.

A Mammoth mattress is proven to help you get more sleep. It does this by improving something sleep scientists call ‘sleep efficiency’. Sleep efficiency is the ratio of time spent asleep compared to the total time spent in bed. For example, if you spent eight hours in bed but only got four hours sleep, your sleep ratio would be just 50%.

We believe a good night’s sleep is built on hard facts – so we tested our mattress in the lab to see how well they performed. The results showed that Mammoth improves sleep efficiency by almost 10%, which could mean getting another hour’s sleep a night, even better preparation for another perfect day.

Support where you need it

Mammoth helps to take the weight off when retiring to bed. Reducing the pressure on your back, neck, hips and other problem areas, to help ease your aches and pains. The extra supportive Medical Grade Foam found in all Mammoth mattresses allows you to remain in an optimal sleeping position.

A cooler night’s sleep

Being too hot at night can result in a broken sleep but there’s no sweat

with Mammoth’s medical grade foam. Our mattresses have a high vapour transfer rate, which means they let your skin breathe so you get a good night’s sleep.

A peace of mind purchase

We are confident that you will love your Mammoth for its lifetime. So much so that we offer a free ten-year warranty on all performance mattresses. Giving you peace of mind, that it will continue to give you better nights and better days.

Health professionals agree

Mammoth are proud of their heritage in healthcare, bringing the best technologies and innovations to anyone who values their wellbeing and importantly their sleep. This has been recognised by some of the UKs leading health organisations. Mammoth have

partnered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to help design the best products to promote wellbeing through comfort.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Logo

“Working with Mammoth, we’ve pioneered the use of specialist physiotherapist consultants to review products and offer advice to manufacturers.”

Robert Yeldham
Director of the CSP


We are here to help you!

Please don’t attempt to choose alone!

Let the experts help you select the right mattress

The risk of just buying online without advice is choosing the wrong mattress that doesn’t perform in a way that best suits your needs. This will undo all the potential benefits and in many cases cause you more harm than good. Stiffness, numbness, aches and pains can all be attributed to the wrong product.

Please contact us to talk to your friendly Personal Advisor and get a full assessment of your needs and choose the mattress that is right for you and your requirements