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A guide to helping you

choose the right Wheelchair

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The key to buying a wheelchair is to think about your requirements today but also what you might need in the future. This process helps you future proof your purchases and will help save money in the long run. Our Advisors are here to help you find the right product. We do this by assessing your circumstances, needs and wants. You will find our Advisors friendly and informative.

Which wheelchair should I choose?

Do I want a wheelchair that I propel myself?

(Self-Propelled Wheelchairs with large rear wheels) Or will I be pushed by a friend or family member? (Attendant Wheelchairs with small rear wheels) Or maybe a bit of both?

Do I want large or small rear wheels?

If you want to self-propel or have a more comfortable ride, go for the larger wheels. Also, larger wheels are quick release (removable) making the wheelchair easier to put into the back of the car. Most smaller wheels are also quick release. Go for the smaller wheels if you are an occasional user and/or unable to propel yourself.

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What is my weight?

You will need to buy a wheelchair that can take your weight. Is my weight stable or could it increase? Take this into account.

How often will I use my wheelchair and for how long?

If you are sat in your wheelchair for most of the day, you may want to consider the quality of seating?

Where will I use my wheelchair the most?

Indoors, locally or trips away by car/public transport.

Does it need to be lightweight to lift in to a car?

If so go for an aluminium, carbon or titanium chair. Most chairs have removable leg rests, wheels, and half folding backs to make lifting the chair easier.

Will I be able to get on and off the wheelchair?

Do I need side or front access?

What is the terrain going to be like where I use my wheelchair?

Hilly, flat etc. Go for the bigger wheels if you are going over uneven ground.

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Wheelchairs by Selfsure

Do I need a made to measure wheelchair?

(Better for the longer term but more cost) Or will an off the shelf product be suitable? If you use your wheelchair often I would recommend going for the made to measure option.

Should I choose air filled or solid puncture proof tyres?

If you had a puncture, do you have someone to help you? Solid tyres make the ride more uncomfortable but are fine for short journeys or occasional use. You can put resistant gel into air filled tyres to reduce the risk of puncture.


There seems a lot of questions to answer but don’t worry we are here to help. Just pick up the phone, all us on 0800 328 2788 and one of our Advisors will be happy to help or you can arrange for a visit to your home.


We are here to help you!

Please don’t attempt to choose alone!

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Let the experts help you select the right wheelchair

The risk of just buying online without advice is choosing an unsuitable product which will undo all the potential benefits. You want to make sure it is fit for purpose, suitable for use in your area and safe for you and those around you.

Getting the right wheelchair will improve your mobility and quality of life.

Please click to Contact Us or Telephone: 0800 328 2788 to talk to your friendly Personal Advisor and get a full assessment of your needs and choose the wheelchair that is right for you.